Incorporated in 2000, we, Sathish Agro Tech are manufacturing and supplying the latest Agriculutre Products with ISI and ISO Certificates. Inclusive of continuous air release valve,aircum Vacum relief valve , pressure relief valve, valve control box,ventury,drip irrigation fittings and accessories, quick releasing couplers, fountain nozzles,mist and micro irrigation, we offer a wide range of products. Making use of the latest Agriculutre Equipments , we keep providing the most convenient products for our customers.
Provide permanent , Portable ,Semi permanent systems Low water savings to agriculture with satisfied too many customers and creating more new customers provide the latest and the most convenient irrigation types , we are supported by an efficient team of skilled professionals. Based on the required skills, these professionals are selected via various tests and interviews. They are always in touch of latest technology and ready to adapt the updated one. To enhance their knowledge and skills, we too provide the latest trainings to them over a specified period. Also for the satisfaction of our customers, we follow a customer-centric approach and are praised for the same. we are able to meet the precise requirements of our huge clientele group.